Can duplicate translations be posted if they're different enough?

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I want to start adding my own translations, but the first two songs I chose have already been translated and posted to this website.

The FAQ says if you only want to change a few words, you should leave a comment in the existing translation. Does that mean that if my entire translation is completely different, I can post it?

Here's an example. The song is Verte Aile by Malice Mizer, which is transliterated as Bel Air on this site (from Japanese), so even the title isn't correct.

Existing translation:
Inside these memories that float to the heavens,
I watched the dancing couple and cried
Even until the end, without saying the last goodbye here,
I want to fall asleep holding you
While trembling, I rise to my feet

My translation:
In a memory that floated into the great sky,
I watched a dancing couple as I cried.
Here, even in your final moment, I cannot say goodbye;
I long to hold you as you fall to sleep.
The waltzing feet float away…

In some cases, the words are different, but the meaning is the same. But in the last two lines, even the meanings are different. I'm new, so I don't know what criteria I have to meet in order to not get flagged. Thanks for your help!

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Hi, you can submit a new, alternate translation if it's different. If your new translation has only a couple but not too many words differently, then it's better to leave a comment. If your translation is new, and completely different, then you can add it. In cases where the submitter of the first translation isn't active any longer you can also add a new work.

But you can also submit alternate translations in cases where you got the meaning of the song differently - just mention that in the 'Submitter's comment' field.

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Thanks so much! I can't remember coming across a song on this site with more than one translation, so I didn't know.

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