Can no longer see old transcription requests

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I logged on today to find I can't see old transcription requests that I had requested. Was it moved to another tab? Currently I can only view old translation requests.

I found the old transcription request tab convenient because I didn't have to search for each song manually, or bookmark each one.

I'm new to using the forum on this website despite visiting this website for over a year now. So I hope I'm doing everything right. lol

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Hey, welcome back!

We had a recent update of the system, so some things are still missing, thanks for reporting that - I will talk to the admins and hopefully the old requests will come back soon Regular smile

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Thank you very much! Regular smile

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the same goes for translation requests. i added like another dozen or half dozen of erkin koray song translation requests into english, none of them show up in the artist page:

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