[SOLVED] Collections / Changing the sequence of songs

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I love the feature that allows us to move songs within our collections into a specific order. Clicking and dragging is a fun time saver.

However, this feature barely works for me. Is there a trick?

If I even try to drag a song up one place in line, my attempt malfunctions. Sometimes I can get a song to move two or three places, although I was trying for the top. But the page doesn't hold still to allow me control. It runs amok.

Not sure what to do. . .


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I use iPad. I place finger on X on the left and slowly drag watching how song moves up/down. I typically let go and repeat if needed. Best of luck.

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When you edit a collection, there's "Show row weights" link to reorder items. You may use manually entered numbers instead of drag-n-drop.

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Found it! Thank you!!!! I guess the library computers are pretty junky.

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Comment field is required? Okay, I had an issue re-ordering collections songs with drag-and-drop, and LT taught me a workaround.

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