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Hi guys,

I was fixing French video links when I noticed some video links appearing in the "French" list (filtered with "French" as a language) were actually about songs in other languages (Romanian, Arabic, you name it).
Of course I could not fix these vids since I have no clue about these languages and could not even check the titles.
After fixing a few genuine French vids, I ended up with a list consisting entirely of links I could not fix.

I seemed to notice such "wrong" songs appeared when the link had been posted from a French translation page.
My guess is that the filter gathers links from the translation pages (as it should - people might give a valid video link from a translation page alright), but assigns to the vid the language of the page where it was found.

For instance, a vid linked from the French translation of a Romanian song would end up in the French list instead of the Romanian one.

Assuming I did not hallucinate, I guess the correction is pretty straightforward (picking the original language from the translation page and using that to sort/filter vids by language).

I wonder if other editors have already experienced similar problems, or if I have just missed something ?

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Hi! I tried to filter songs with my language, first I clicked on the "update" button, so the songs weren't filtered, then I re-freshed the page and again choose the language as Azerbaijani and clicked on the "filter" button, it worked for me.. No song in other languages, only Azerbaijani songs. Maybe the problem with you was the problem I had.

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I'm rather talking about the "Youtube links" list, the one you use to add video links users leave in their comments.

For instance, right now when I follow that link and pick "French" as a filter, the first item I get is a Romanian song (something called "Stefan Banica Jr - Bubulina" if you follow the link to youtube).

Any editor should see the same list, provided they pick "French" as language filter.

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Oh, yeah it also happened to me. It filters not only songs in French, but also translations into French.

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Hmm seems awkward it reads from the translation language, not the source one - it shows to me too, and I have reported it to the admins, hopefully they'll take a look into it.

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As I tried to explain, the problem is not that the system looks into the translation comments (this Romanian link is valuable, it could indeed add a video to the song).
The problem is that this link ends up being visible only to French editors, who won't be unable to do anything with it (except if by chance they also speak Romanian).
So the idea would be to keep collecting these links, but to send them where they belong (in the Romanian links list, in that case).

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