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This song is very hurting for italian people because it reminds of the fascism in Italy, and seen that this song is part of fascist propaganda, and fascism is a crime, I think it should be removed from LT in respect of the million people who died in World War II.
I'm sorry if I disturbed you and I hope you'll remove that lyrics ASAP.

Kindly yours.
Viola Ortes

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This is a Fascist song "Little Black Face". It speaks of the fascist in their black shirts, Il Duce (Benito Mussolini). It is fascist propaganda abdicating overthrow.
It has been translated already.

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Fascism and colonial conquest in Africa, with crass racism and sexism to boot.
A masterpiece, indeed.
Well, we all know how that turned out, don't we?

I find this kind of song brings out the worst in human nature. Still it has historical value.

I can hardly imagine young Italians dreaming of conquering North Africa yet again though, so I don't think it poses an immediate threat. Maybe keeping it could be OK if it was clearly flagged as fascist propaganda, so that a casual reader could be reminded why it's here and what it's really about.

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Our rules don't allow this kind of songs, so I unpublished it.
Petit élève, you are right, it has mainly a historical meaning as today Italy is not a colonialist country, but it is still a fascist and male chauvinist song. It was very popular during the fascist dictatorship, almost a symbol of the regime, so today it's a fascist party apology, which is a crime according to current Italian laws.

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