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There is an error with the displayed "Last Message" on the main Forum page (Community/Forum through the topbar menu). It appears that if the last message in any forum is more recent than the one immediately following, it is displayed again in the "Last Message" column. The problem is only on the main forum page; when you open any individual forum, the messages are displayed correctly.

For example, as of this writing, the last post in the Arabic Language forum shows up in both the Arabic and Chinese forums; the last post in the English forum is repeated as the last French forum post; the last Japanese Language post shows up three times, in Nordic and Romanian languages.

This is the page where I am seeing the problem:

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Hi. Thank you for reporting this, I've checked it and you're right, there seems to be a bug, I suppose. I've notified the admins about it.

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Why she reported my votes? Translation was really good. Can anyone help?

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Posting this in every thread, even those completely unrelated to the topic you are asking about, is probably not the best way to get results. At least, not the results that you want.

Liking you own comments and asking makis17 to upvote them in threads where they don't belong doesn't exactly look too good, either.

I don't say this to pick on you, but I think of the forums as a place to address things that potentially affect MANY users, not just one or two. You probably should have sent a PM to an administrator.

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I did.

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