[SOLVED] How to add a friend

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Hey, I got a friend request today and couldn't approve it, it said:

"Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page"

Can anyone please help me solve this problem?

Thank you :-)

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It's probably because the user who added you is banned now, or they withdrew the request. A moderator can confirm this.

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"Friends" feature is only available starting from "Junior Member" role.

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Ok Whatchutalkingabout smile Why's that? Is there any way I can let them know that I didn't deny them? How do I become a Junior member?

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By translating, transcribing or helping in other ways.

Man bekommt Punkte für Übersetzung, Transkription etc., dadurch bekommt man einen höheren Status.

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Points 5.1 and 5.2 of the FAQ will help you regarding user points and roles.

Long story short: add content and you'll be able to use LT at the most.


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Thank you for the quick answers  Regular smile

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