[SOLVED] How to report/delete bad translation to my request

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Link: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/sidi-hbibi-سيدي-حبيبي-sidi-h-bibi.html?utm...

Problem: user just copied/pasted random translation off the internet to a whole different song that has ZERO to do with the one i requested... how to remove it? Maybe report user?


The translator cited a source, which means that he or she probably made an honest mistake and was not acting maliciously. Take the diplomatic path first, and send them a PM. Ask if they would please take it down, so that someone else can translate it. If that does not work, then send a mod a PM. Rerports or negative ratings are used to denounce things that are absolutely not allowed, such a machine-generated translations. This seems to be an honest mistake, not a malicious act.


By the way, you can do something about it even before talking to someone. I just tried to ask for another English request, and it works , as I thought. So while you iron things out, then you can still request it anew? Good luck.

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I unpublished it. Your request is back.

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