I suspect this isn't highlighting parallel lines due to the italics (see link)

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See this Spanish song and English translation (written by me, just now), considered together:

Try as I might, the lines will not highlight as I mouse over them. I suspect it may be due to the italics in the original Spanish. I would suggest simply removing the (em) HTML tags - which are opened multiple times and never closed, and which also don't seem to be important for typesetting the song.

Thank you.

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It does highlight when I move my mouse over the text. There is a little icon to align paragraphs in the top right corner. Are you sure this option is enabled for this specific translation?
By the way, instead of writing '(Note #)', use rather the tags [ fn ][ / fn ] (without the spaces).

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This explonation I didn’t understand.
But that:
....Text <fn> text footnote <fn/>Text... Without to use the blank key.
Then you create1a footnote.

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To write in cursive you have to use em and /em inside the < > to the begin and at the end. Thank you Flopsi!

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It's also working properly to me.

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It might depend on the kind of device you're using, or maybe the navigator if you're on a PC.
At any rate it works fine with the latest Firefox on my Windows PC.

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