Literal translation vs. interpretation

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I'm really happy to have found this site. I got here looking for words and translation for Lalo Guerrero's Los Chucos Suave, happily surprised to have found it. The translation however is a modern English vernacular. I'm a student of the Spanish language and a more literal trans. helps me learn, remember, speak and sing more accurately. I love the modern trans. too, I understand enough of the words to have a general understanding and still I was able to pick up some more insight from it. ,,,,, thanks everyone!

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Ultimately, for all of these things (be they translation, interpretation, localization, etc.), there's a single goal: To decipher the meaning of something in one language, and to convey that meaning in a different language. The specifics of how come down to the skill and style of the individual doing the work. Not only that, but the specific nature of the text itself, along with the audience to which the end product will be delivered also greatly impacts how meaning is conveyed. As long as the meaning is conveyed to the audience that wants it, it's difficult to say which approach anybody should take. We each have our own ideals for how to effectively convey meaning from one language to another, but a great translation for one audience may be considered lacking by another. At the end of the day, all we can do is try to convey the meaning of the text in a way that seems best to us, best to our audience, or both.

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