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Hi everyone,

thank you in advance for reading this. So, I have recently joined this page and as a beginner on my profile it was written "junior member" but now it is only written member. I presume my profile has been upgraded in a way but I would like to know how these "levels" work.

Thank you for your time,


Hello and welcome to LT!

You get points for submitting content. As you accumulate more points your role will be "promoted" accordingly. Have a look at the FAQ section here:

It's a good idea to get to know the rest of the FAQ too.

Hope you enjoy your stay

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Welcome to LT! Have a good stay.

As Pääsuke mentioned, as you add more content, you get more points. And as you get more points, you advance in user roles. You start with Novice and go up to Super Member. After you read the FAQ, please read the Rules as well.


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Thank you

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Thank you.

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