[SOLVED] New / passive transcriber here - what just happened?

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Hey there,

I usually check to see if a song is already posted before fulfilling a transcription request, but this one was pretty quick -


so I went ahead and completed it without thinking. When I went to submit it, the system detected something and marked the title red.

It also found the duplicate song page and posted my lyrics as a comment there. The original poster replied. All the dates in the comments and posts are from 2015.

The thing is - this just happened a few minutes ago??

I'm really confused, what is happening?

Also, is there any way to mark a request as complete if the transcription is already here somewhere?


Edit: The lyrics in my comment are also slightly different from what I wrote a minute ago. Did I transcribe this song already? So confused lol

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Let's see...
I checked and reported it to Admin. It doesn't show up in the requestor's profile either.

This is the page that you spoke of that has been previously posted. That was the cause of the red lettering showing up (duplicate)

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Dear Heather,

I'm sorry about the duplicate request. I know how embarrassing it may feel. I hope the mods sort it out.

Unfortunately, none of the two transcriptions was totally correct. I listened to the song, edited the lyrics and now they match the song. You're a native speaker, you'll hear that.

Yet, please, don't get discouraged by this small incident with posting your transcription. This site is in huge need for transcribers. Most users just don't bother to check the lyrics after they copy and paste them from other sites. Welcome and feel at home.

Best regards

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Heather, I can't write you a PM because you've blocked it. The line you're not sure about in your new transcription goes "From a loud big jester on a widowed bride" There are other things we could discuss via PM if you unblock it in your profile.

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The request has been deleted.

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