[SOLVED] Number of songs by certain artist

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I would like to draw attention to a peculiarity I noticed while adding new songs of some artists.
I noticed the system did not modify the number of songs in many cases. Can anyone please help with this.
Recent example :
Greek singer Saveria Margiola (6 songs translated 4 times to 3 languages)
This cannot be, since I personally added at least 10 new text songs.

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Thanks for reporting. Sometimes the system needs some time to update, although I see what you mean - I will report it to the admins to take a look at it, are there any other artists about which you have noticed this?

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I shall take a look today and send you a list. But yeah, there were more.
Thank you very much for looking into it.

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Thanks for reporting. It was a bug, it is fixed now.

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Thank you very much for fixing it. It was bugging me. I really do appreciate your work.

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