[SOLVED] Remove songs added to the wrong group

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On the page of NCT Dream, there have been added songs that are performed by NCT 127 and NCT U. These are all units of NCT, but they all have different pages where these songs have already been added, and I have already posted a comment on the NCT Dream's page, but nobody responded, so please, can somebody remove them? The only songs that really are by NCT Dream are: Chewing Gum, Chewing Gum (泡泡糖), Dunk Shot (덩크슛), My First and Last (最後的初戀), My First and Last (마지막 첫사랑) and Trigger The Fever. Thank you in advance!

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Hello. Thank you for reporting this. I'm gonna move them to the proper artists' pages. Please, report anything you see wrong here next time, instead of creating a new forum thread.

EDIT: All of the songs in NCT Dream's page were dublicates. I'm gonna ask moderators to delete/merge them.

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