[SOLVED] Formatting of titles??

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Hello guys, I dont know about you guys but im tired of scrolling through songs and seeing 90% of these songs titles badly formatted. I dont mind telling people I always do but its too long to do everyone. Lyrics translate should use AI or something to enforce proper titling. Example i always do titles English transliteration of title (Title in language of song).
Is there anyway to get this to happen? I have OCD and seeing those titles all mixed and bad fomatting makes me cringe. I wish people would just do them properly.

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If the song title is written in a different alphabet than Latin, the best practice is to add both the original name and its transliterated title, in the format Original title (Transliterated title). Alternative titles should be added in square brackets, like "Original title (Transliterated title) [Alternative title]".

According to the rules, this is the format we have to follow. Someone people go around it and do: Original title | Transliterated title
If the songs were submitted before the rule was changed, then they stay like that until we can get around to changing them. You're asking us to change thousands of titles, and the format you're asking for was the old one and we're not going that.

I understand that you're frustrated about seeing it like that, but unless more users are vocal about the change, LT will not make a huge change for one individual.

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