Suggested feature: The possibility to select more than one language for a song

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There are some songs that have significant parts in more than one language, but as far as I know, you can only choose one when you submit the lyrics to LT. Unless someone can point out some good reason against this, I humbly suggest that a feature that lets us add more than one language be implemented (possibly through an "Add another item" button, just like we have for "Featuring artist" and "Also performed by").

Thanks in advance! Regular smile

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This has been a wanted feature for quite a while now. I can only hope it'll be added soon

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I would support this idea. Sounds very nice, for I've encountered with the same problem not just once.
The "main" language could be mentioned as the first in list.

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It had been a feature a couple years ago but was discontinued due to technical difficulties. We can only wait for it to be re-added.

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