[SOLVED] Wrong word order in the "Add an equivalent" idiom form

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When you click the "Add an equivalent" button on an idiom page, you will get a form that begins with the text:

Use this form to add an idiom that has the same as "IDIOM" meaning, in any language.

This is of course a typo and should be '...the same meaning as "IDIOM", in any language.'

By the way, is there no thread dedicated to tiny website fixes like this one? This almost felt too small to start a whole new thread for...

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I also noticed the following: 'For an explanation or literal translation of "IDIOM" use "Add an explanation" button above'. The definite article is missing, it has to be 'the "Add an explanation" button'.

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Thanks for the fixes! You may start a new thread, or send a PM with a list of required fixes. We'd be happy to work it out Regular smile

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