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I made a mess when trying to enter "out of sight". It can also be spelled "outta sight", "outasight" or "outa sight".

I should have asked for help but i tried to figure it out on my own. The FAQs seemingly did not provide the needed help.

1) Could you please tell me if I should have created one entry with all spellings in the title.

2) "Outta sight" is not loading into Stevie Wonder's Uptight . Could you pls troubleshoot.

May I suggest that you put within the idiom portion of the FAQs a link to best practices.

I can type idiom information into my own song as a footnote, but it seems more logical to enter it into the Idioms database.


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I would personally spell it as out of sight. "outta sight" is a bit too colloquial and it's mostly not written. I would've uploaded the idiom as out of sight and then in the description I would've put "also spelt outta sight, etc." But I have no idea how the mods would want it uploaded

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Initially I gave it one name, then referenced spelling variations from within the definition.

But then I wondered if those variations would connect with lyrics as they should. So then I attached the variations separately.

I would like official best practices explained. Otherwise a little indecisive pinball will bounce around my head any time I enter an idiom with variations.

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Yeah that's understandable Teeth smile I'll stay following this thread because I'm curious too!

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Okay, I wanted to add "cat's meow" into idioms.

I searched and it did not exist, but "cats pajamas" did exist. These are equivalent expressions.

So I loaded "cats pajamas" and clicked Add an equivalent.

But if I search Idioms, it does not exist. If I go back into Create new idiom, it does not come up when I search. If I load cat's pajamas again, I can see the entry that I created but I cannot figure out how to edit "the cat's meow" to "cat's meow". Further, no one can see all the good information I researched. I click on "the cat's meow" from within "the cat's pajamas".

Now I suspect that people are deliberately adding separate entries, so they don't have to go through all of this. Now I think it is a mistake to report four different entries that aren't related, because if you connect them, it will lead to problems.

From now on I'm creating a new entry and not connecting it. I will no longer report phrases that should be connected. This has used up so much of my time and made my research inaccessible, it seems. I do not have the patience for this torture. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude.

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