Non-URL as a translation source

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The current behavior when a user inserts something that is not a URL as their translation source is to turn that into a LyricsTranslate URL that points to a translation with that name, whether it exists or not. So if a user uses "Me" as their source, the website will show as the source.
I think the correct behavior should be to prevent the usage of a non-URL source altogether, because using another translation in this same website as a source is hardly something anyone would do. Alternatively, it could just show the inserted text plainly without turning it into a URL.

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Recently, LT introduced a change to translation format, so it now requires to manually fill out the "authorship" check box. So, this translation source text field will be available only if a user deliberately will indicate that he/she is not the author. I think it is hardly unlikely that someone will go this way to put something like "translated by me or by Joe B.". If it still happens it should be moderated. Older translations can be reported too. I know that such behavior is not tolerated.

Other instances, when there's no available valid link during submission, are rare. I myself once added a translation with a non-URL link, a translation copied from a hardcover. I simply had to put "translated by " in this field. A non-URL option would be nice, but I'm afraid that some folks will misuse it.

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When editing a translation, the option to choose whether you are the author or not is not available: only the source field is provided (empty if you initially selected that you are the author). So, for some reason a user could edit a translation, notice that field and fill it.

A user might decide to copy a translation from another site, check the radio button saying they're not the author, and insert something like: "Translation copied from this other website: <link>".
That's not going to work, LT will turn that into .
I think the user should have instead gotten an error message such as "URL required in this field" or the text should have been shown as-is.

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I agree with this. If an actual URL isn't placed there, users should receive an error telling them that an actual URL is required. Maybe even auto-detection of as an error too if they try to credit another translation already on the site too.