Lyrics missing from a French song

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I found the lyrics to J’ai Le Fun by Orties online and I was gonna upload them but there’s a part missing, and I just want to see if anyone here can identify what they’re saying. The rest of the lyrics seem correct so I’m only gonna include the verse where the words are missing

Here’s a video:

Tu trouves qu'j'ai le fun j'ai pas gardé ton numéro
D'ailleurs j'ai pas d'téléphone
????????? Roméo (oh oh oh)
Tu trouves qu'j'ai le fun j'regarde jamais la météo
D'ailleurs j'men fiche qu'y ait du sun
Bonne à baiser, apothéose (oh oh oh)

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Et on m'a volé mon Roméo
Et on m'a volé mon numéro

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"Ça sert à rien de jouer au Roméo" ?
That reverb is killing me

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"Nom de la mariée : Roméo" ?

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I’m sorry it’s that ambiguous. They do tend to talk pretty fast in their songs and it makes it a bit hard to understand

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I'm trying to upload the song now but I don't know which of these lines to use, so I went with "ca sert....." because that's the one it sounded most like to me (but my french isn't that good) but I'm still open to changes in case it's decided.

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