[Russian] Help with the translation of Винтаж - Мама-Америка

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I expected it to be an anti American song, but it seems to be about a new immigrant arriving to the U.S. and apologizing to her original motherland (Russia) for leaving. I am glad I was wrong.

Anyway, if you follow my most recent post in the Russian forum, you will know that I am far from being an expert. I did translate the song, with the help of my trusty dictionary, but I would like for someone to check the translation, I am sure that I must have made a mistake or two. Just tell me if the English translation gives the wrong impression. Thanks!

The translation can be found here:

I am also wondering where this means that it was the last straw, or is about a destroyed pride:
Ведь ты сломал наконечник...

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Hiya! I've just made a few comments on the translation and thought I might reply your question about the arrow and the broken tip.
Ведь ты сломал наконечник...
The broken tip (or the act of breaking off the tip) is neither the last straw nor anything to do with pride. It's just a metaphoric description of something (e.g. a memory, as in the song) that's stuck in your heart like a splinter and you can't forget about it (pull it out) no matter how hard you try. There's no other meaning to it. Frankly, I don't even think that there was the male you who broke off the tip. The only male character mentioned in the song is the puppeteer, but in the first reference he's mentioned in the third person while here with the tip the "you" is addressed directly, so chances are it's not one and the same character but then who? My guess is that the tip broke off on its own (or by the artist), but these words didn't correspond with the rythm and rhyme of the song and were substituted with some out of the blue male character. It's a simple song, I seriously doubt there are any hidden meanings there.

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