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Hi, I'm Mauricio from Colombia.
I need help about a song called "Синее небо" from uzbekistan singer Sogdiana...
Well, I found the russian lyrics, but... I can't read it!
So... I would like to know the transliteration, I mean, romanization.

Does anyone can help me?

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How do you do,
sounds peculiar: you can read Russian, but only in Latin letters?
Here's the first half (sry have to got to sleep now)

Sinee nebo

Po steklu vozhu
Potseluy risuyu tvoy,
slov ne nahozhu
Ot togo, tshto ty s drugoy,
A moya dusha -
Raskalyonny' shar!

Ty v glasah moih slov lyubvi ne protshital,
stshitaya na dvoih
Rasdelit' s toboy ne dal...
Nebo vysoko -
stshastye daleko...

Platshut nebesa,
vtorya serdtsu moemu...
ha dushe grosa,
I ponyatno, potshemu...
Esli ty vdali
Ot moey lyubvi.

(...i tak dalee)

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There are all lyrics. If you wish more transliterations you can do it by yourself here:

Po steklu vozhu:
Poceluj risuju tvoj,
Slov ne nahozhu
Ot togo, chto ty s drugoj,
A moja dusha -
Raskaljonnyj shar!

Ty v glazah moih
Slov ljubvi ne prochital,
Schast'ja na dvoih
Razdelit' s toboj ne dal...
Nebo vysoko -
Schast'e daleko...

Jeto sinee-sinee nebo
Nad golovoj!
Jeto sinee-sinee nebo
Rjadom so mnoj
Za soboju zovjot,
Za soboju vedjot.
Sinee-sinee nebo -
Tol'ko vperjod!
Jeto sinee-sinee nebo
Nad golovoj!
Jeto sinee-sinee nebo
Kto-to drugoj
Mne navstrechu idjot,
Parallel'no zhivjot,
Telom, dushoju skuchaet,
Ljubit i zhdet!

Plachut nebesa,
Vtorja serdcu moemu...
Na dushe groza,
I ponjatno, pochemu...
Esli ty vdali
Ot moej ljubvi.

Ot sebja bezhat'
Ne zhelaju bol'she ja!
Zhizn' perelistat'
I opjat' nachat' s nulja
Ja mogu teper'!
Ja otkroju dver'!

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Thx, didn't know this site, but sry: if you use the transliteration like in English you should use "y" instead of "j", that's confusing for people who don't know Russian (especially for English and Spanish natives where "j" is used differently)

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Hey guys! thank you very much!
and... about the site? Awesome! I'm studying Greek, so is a good tool for me. :)))

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I see, welcome then...

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