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What do you do when there are two bands or artists with the same name?

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We write where they're from.

Band A (Germany)
Band A (Russia)

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True! Thank you Regular smile

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Two Bands with the same name?
I expect thas´s forbidden.

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Why do you think so?
I know that some bands did have problems in the past when a band from the same country as they had already released an album and they wanted to release an album under that same name. But I'm pretty sure that this problems mostly occur when the first band is still active and/or well-known.

And there are quite a lot bands that share the same name.
It's a bit difficult to think of an example...
well, one local band from here is called "Crusher". They are a metal band and have already released something. I now searched in the online database metal archives for the band name crusher and these are the results:
9 different bands, and most are still active.

Well, these were from different countries, so let's now look for the band name Hatred, I know that there are at least two of this name from Germany (even though one of them is split up since long).
And what do we have here?
20 different bands of that name, 4 of them from Italy (2 still active) and 4 from the USA (well, only one of them still active).
This database only lists bands that already have released something, so it really doesn't seem to be that much of a problem to share the same name.

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