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I have a question to founders or master of the site. Since the Old church Slavonic exists in the list of languages, wouldn't be better to add some Old church Slavonic font as well? There are many around the Internet. This will make this old language to look like an old language.
I've added a transcript to such a song today. I spent several ours looking for the right font I needed to make the lyrics closer to the original and when I paste the transcript here the word redactor you utilize turned it to a Cyrillic text. It was quite annoying, though.
Once again, is there a way an Old Church Slavonic font to be added to the word redactor?

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You mean like here? https://lyricstranslate.com/en/christian-hymns-songs-%C3%B4-teb%C4%9B-ra...
Or what are you referring to?
Whether that font is shown in your browser or not would probably depend on your browser settings. The only kind of letters that I currently can't see in my browser are those in Burmese.

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May be you are right and the problem is in my browser. Then how can I add new fonts in my browser?

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You can actually add (install) a new font in your system, so your browser to interpret the text correctly.

P.S. You can get a needed font from here http://sci.ponomar.net/fonts.html

P.P.S Поздрав! Wink smile

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