[Slovak] čo sa stalo nové (lyrics request)

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hi, i've been looking for the lyrics of this song by zuzana homolová & vlasta redl for a long time. any slovak around is familiar with it or knows where to find them?

zuzana homolová & vlasta redl - čo sa stalo nové:

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Hi, Sacdegemecs,

Wow, what a great song! I listened carefully, and here is the result:



However, I am not common with the Slovak -- I wrote the words in Czech, I'm afraid. I hope my English version would be helpful.

Good luck!

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Also you are welcome to have a look at the old traditional Moravian song here:

I guess Zuzana Homolová & Vlasta Redl were inspired by that folk song.

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thank you, thank you, thank you!
i'm really in love with this song, even without understanding it. it's so simple (even ascetic) and beautiful, and the rhythm conveys the idea of a litany.

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concerning the text of frantiska sevcikova's song, yes i remember bumping into it while googling for homolová's one, pity there's no video link to it to have a listen to.

by the way, just follow my initial youtube link and look for more songs of the same album ("slovenské balady"). i looked for that album everywhere, even illegally, with no result, but the 3-4 available in youtube are already a gift.

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> look for more songs of the same album ("slovenské balady").

I sure will.
Oh. I guess I was desoriented by the name of the Album. Since I thought about SLOVAK-word, I forgot that "slovenské" in Slovak means both "Slovak" and "Slavic", just like in the Slovenian language. Those two nations, Slovakia and Slovenia, derived their names from the word "Slavic". Thus, the Album was titled "Slavic Ballads".
By the way, the word Slav(ic) really meant "Slave". The Romans used the Greek word Sklabos --> Slavos (a Slav) to denote a slave, "because so many Slavs were made captives," my Bantam Dictionary says.
The ancient Slavs probably used the root SLOV- to describe people who could speak their language. "Slovo" means "Word" in all the Slavic languages.
Compare the Greek "Barbaroi" -- people who cannot produce anything understandable. :-)
Well, the language we discuss differs from the modern Slovak. My idea is, the singers used some dialect, most probably spoken in (the Central part of) the Carpathians.

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Yup. The language IS Slovak. :-) I got a couple of songs -- great!
Here is the page of Vlasta Redl's lyrics:

The guy is a composer, male, BTW. :-) I thought Vlasta was a female name, but it is popular in some Slavic countries to name kids with "male-female" names.

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Vlasta is most probably diminutive of the Czech name: Vlastimíl

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