Someone please show me how to use Smileys.

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It's a bit embarrassing to ask such thing, because nobody but me seem to have the problem.
Simple drag and drop doesn't work, does it?

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They should insert themselves when you click them without you needing to drag and drop them but if that doesn't work, you can always type them like this (just omit the )

<:> = Regular smile
= Wink smile
<:> = Sad smile
<:d> = Teeth smile
= }:)
<:p> = Tongue smile
<:confused:> = :confused:
<:biggrin:> = Biggrin
= 8)
<:angel:> = :angel:
<:angry:> = Aggressive
<:redface:> = :redface:
<:o> = :O

And they will only be visible once you post your message but not while writing it.
Does it work?

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Oh, I see, thanks Biggrin

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Sure! Teeth smile

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