Ploile Nu Vin by Alternosfera

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I was wondering if anyone knew the meaning of the song Ploile Nu Vin by the Romanian band Alternosfera. Particularity the title line itself, "ploile nu vin". I understand that it means 'the rains don't come', but where does it fit with the rest of the song and what does it mean overall? The rest of the lyrics talk about things happening all over the world, first bad and then good (ex. Hurricane Katrina arriving in New Orleans later becomes Katrina leaving). Then there's a verse about lying in someone's bed and being hugged, and that the person doesn't care about anything.
My interpretation is that, while everything is happening all over the world, the singer has a person to be with that doesn't care about any of it. Very secure in a way. But what about the rains not coming? Does that mean that the singer is never personally affected by it all, perhaps because they cling to the indifferent person?