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Hello, I'm Sora, I'm from Spain and I'm currently studying English at an academy, I've wrote a little translations for myself before and I wanted to try with songs.

Nice to meet you all!

See you around.

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Welcome Sora Regular smile I'm Buse. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your time here!


Welcome Sora Regular smile

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Welcome, Sora, it's always nice to have a new face around here!

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¡Hola, Sora!
Yo soy española también, y mi nombre es Rosa. Me alegra tener una compatriota por aquí.
Espero que te vaya bien. Nos vemos.

Un abrazo

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Qué ilusión que seas española, la verdad no me esperaba encontrar gente de España tan pronto por aquí.

¡Otro abrazo! Regular smile

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can help me any
and tell me why is stop work publick chat
i dont can see it Sad smile

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Welcome to the community, Sora, hope you have a good time around Regular smile

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