Adding Spanish Content (Please Read)

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When adding lyrics in Spanish, remember to add accents and special characters:

  • áéíñóúü
  • «» ¿¡

Do not add lyrics nor titles IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS

  1. Add titles like this: En nombre del amor / En Nombre Del Amor / El Nombre del Amor (not EN NOMBRE DEL AMOR)
  2. If you find the lyrics (and the title) online in ALL CAPS, convert them to lowercase letters with Convert Case.
  3. You'll often find lyrics with q (instead of que or qué), pq (instead of porque or por qué), x (instead or por) pa (add it as pa', meaning para).
  4. If you add lyrics, make sure they are correct or ask in the Spanish forum for someone to check them for you.
  5. Unless the title has one or more words in CAPS because the artist choose to do so, titles should never be all caps.

Or use Type Spanish accents to add them as you type out the lyrics. If you use Firefox, there's a Dictionary add on here that will let you fix mistakes in the lyrics if you can spot them.
To find lyrics you can look for them on Musica (Letras de canciones) or google Artist + Title + Letra (ex: Enrique Iglesias - Lloro por ti letra)