Mariachi / jilguerillo, jilguero, jilguerito

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Discúlpeme, que mi español es pobre.

Puse la canción mariachi que se llama El Jilguerillo.

Al empezar, el pájaro se llama jilguerillo.

Despues de habido volar tanto, se llama jilguero.

Despite de habido volar aun más, se llama jilguerillito.

Perdió peso, ¿verdad? Al final, es más pequeño que al principio, ¿no?

Tambien, dice la letra al final, "Se le cayeron las alas." ¿Quiere decir que ya no tiene alas? ¿O quiere decir las alas ya no tienen la fuerza para volar?


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Good question and I'm curious to know some an other comment about...
So I just read the legend about it :
For me it's an expression."perder las alas del corazon" o philosophy he lost is soul

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I've never heard this legend. Thank you so much for the research, the link and your feedback on interpretation.

I love cheerful mariachi, and this song has a very cheerful feeling. But upon inspection, the lyrics are surprisingly sad.

It's fascinating that these tales branch out like a tree to form a family of songs. I was just doing research about a Scottish song, and I was surprised to see how many versions of it exist, with different titles, different lyrics, from a hundred years ago, from sixty years ago, in Scotland, in the UK, in the US, etc.

One poem or song inspires another which inspires another, etc. It is brought into different cultures and music styles.

What about the -illo ending? I have learned that -ito/-ita can indicate small size (or affection). But which endings indicate large size? Does Llorona have the ending -ona in her name to indicate something large? What does -illo indicate, in the context of this song?

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Yes ito, illo, are small or affection(little jilguero>jilguerillo, jilguerito)
large o a big evenment, something important...they are different

ón/ona...........>llora>un llorón(big cry)>llorona(someone cry so much)
azo/aza gato >gatazo

acho/acha,..palido> paliducho

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Thank you so much!!

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