[SOLVED] [SOLVED] Suggestion: Renaming a song

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In case a song was erroneously named and needs to be renamed, the URL changes.
It would be nice if the original URL was recorded somewhere in the database so it can redirect to the new one, in case it is referenced somewhere on the web.

Example: 10,000 Maniacs' "These Are Days" was erroneously entered as "These Are The Days", so correcting that changed the URL from http://lyricstranslate.com/en/10000-maniacs-these-are-the-days-lyrics.html to http://lyricstranslate.com/en/10000-maniacs-these-are-days-lyrics.html
The former now obviously throws a 404.

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Hmm, that's strange, it just happened to me to rename this song today, and its URL stayed the same, with the wrong name of the song in it... seems like it's either a bug or a new feature I don't know about, but will let the admins know, maybe they'll give you a better answer than me. Thanks for reporting that!

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Once the song has been published, the URL will remains with the first name of the song that was named. In the case of changing the URL, can be deleted the song and publish it again with the new name. BUT, as long as there are no translations in it, much less translations with votes. Only the admins can do it.

Howewer, I'll let the admins give you a better answer (In case if I'm wrong).
Thanks for reporting it!

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Moreover as far as I noticed both English articles and some English prepositions never ever appear in the URL of neither a song nor a translation.

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Oh dear I hope I wasn't misremembering things...

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URL of a page is based on its initial title, and it remains the same even if you edit it.

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Then it was my mistake. Regular smile

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