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I've been on this site for quite some time now, and I've started to notice this more and more recently.

People (editors or however they're called) who make changes to songs, unpublish(this is more rare but still happens), etc without even notifying the author or op and without supplying at least an explanation to what and why they did.
Sometimes it's harmless, but still requires the op to make changes if for example the order of the lines has been changed in a song.

So, I don't ask for much, just to notify people before you make changes to the content that they've added to the site.
So that they can explain why they think you shouldn't do that, or so they can adjust accordingly.

I believe that this will make the lives of everyone here better.

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I agree this would be much helpful they notify one also about changes from lines in a songtext atleast would it be cool if they would message us also if a published song from the person who published it gets unpublished the message could say:
Hello [User Name]
The Song [Song Name]
you published was unpublished
because of: [Reason]

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You can click on revisions to see what change have been made.

Only moderators can unpublish songs.

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Hi, Tonyl and Achampnator. As Jethro has mentioned you can see the changes if you click on revisions. A user may get a notification about unpublishing even if a song has been merged and stays on. Editors and mods have submitted their suggestions to the admins to notify users as to the reasons of unpublishing or merging. But it's a technical issue so please wait a little until the suggestions are looked into. We're well aware of the problem. Thank you for understanding. Regular smile

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It's not that I cannot tell what the change was, it's that I only notice that it's been made when I look at the page,
which I might not do in a year or more, and it leaves the translation in poor quality for anyone who wishes to understand what the song means.

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I was mainly talking about the little things, relatively minor changes that just happen without any notification and require the people who posted translations etc to make changes accordingly.
If you agree, I would love if it were made clear that you have to notify the op.
"Lyrics have been update to fit a certain format" - something like that.

Thanks, I'm glad that you're working on that.

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In this case, I think it's the editor/moderator's fault because we must always warn that changes have been made, either in the comments or by private message.

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There is a button for editors and mods to notify translators when changes have been made. This is where you see in comments or PM that "X lyrics have been changed. Please review your translation" or the like. I certainly use it every time unless I'm fixing punctuation or something that doesn't affect the translation matching the original text. I don't think it notifies the submitter of the original lyrics though, which I guess is the issue here? I agree it might be a courteous thing to do but only when the changes are somewhat major, i.e. changing spacing, in my personal opinion. Do submitters really need to know that minor punctuation or spelling errors have been fixed?

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The minor fixes, I agree that it doesn't matter. It's nice to know that the one's who replied here do it, I just hope that those who tend to forget see this thread.

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Being a Chinese native speaker and having experience of translation, I only edited the lyrics about Chinese. There are two things to be clarify –

1. English names of the artists:
English names of the artists in Pinyin or adopted by Wiki always confused me too. Even the popular artists use their English name worldwide. People can search the original name from Wiki and look for the artist here. So I think the English name adopted by Wiki better.

2. The original lyrics of Chinese edited:
I found that there are many lyrics copied from other sites directly and too hard (long) to read and do translations. Sometime I edited the original lyrics to make the users read easily. Even some translators did good arrangement in translations. I edited the original lyrics to match them. I used to think about both of sides for the original lyrics and translations. But many translators didn’t be LT for a long time, it’s hard to make things perfect. I’m sorry if I didn’t inform the users to review their translations completely.

Actually I ever duplicated some artists or lyrics, and then asked them to be unpublished by the Mods. I think the “Unpublish” sometime is not a bad thing, it make the users follow the site rule and give us a clear entry.

We are all volunteers here to do the job of translations. I appreciated that all of the translators spend your precious time, special the Mods and editors do your best to help us and keep a good atmosphere here. I wish I could make things better, but not annoy people. I apologize again for making things complicated and making the users uncomfortable.

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As I have replied to your comment, I will say this again:

1. It was clearly an oversight, changes have been made to correct it.
2. Editors/Moderators do notify users if there's been a change made, hopefully the rest of us will understand that and make sure to notify users if they don't already do so. I will let the admins know that should be added for all of us.
3. If the change is to correct a mistake or add information and no translations are attached to it, then we don't need to notify anyone except the user who submitted the lyrics.
4. The revisions page is public for other users, you can see what changes were made by who and you can contact them through PM if there's a problem.
5. For unpublished content, we are required to select a "reason" for why it's being unpublished, that should be enough of an explanation. You can copy your unpublished content for your personal use, if it violated the rules then you probably shouldn't publish it again.

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