Need to recruit an expert in Cuban Spanish and culture?

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I'm having difficulty with many words.

Some favorites were created in the 80s and 90s, so it has to be someone multigenerational or someone who travels to Cuba periodically.

For example, in one song it sounds like he's saying 《Tengo sabor a pollo.》I put my question in the Spanish language forum and no comments.

And there are plant and animal names like marabuyo that are not in regular dictionaries, assuming that I hear/spell correctly. But i look up several possibilities, including that it might be two words.

I don't mind investing in one Cuban/English dictionary IF it is strongly recommended by someone who has used it extensively. But if《sabor a pollo》is some kind of 80s slang, well, I just can't afford so many dictionaries, especially not knowing if what I need is even in there.

I've already tried searching Cuban slang online and Cuban glossaries. All inadequate so far. I did find a blogger but lost the link, and anyhow, I don't know if she would have been willing to help me. My Spanish is not good enough to search Spanish language blogs.

There must be someone who is fascinated with Cuban Spanish and culture. But maybe they're not a subsciber.

Thanks for letting me express my frustration. Wink smile

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WOW. Thank you so much. I could not let this go and it's been driving me crazy.

In the song, a man is angry at his woman because she's, if I'm understanding correctly, interested in other men or has been with other men. He confronts her and says make up your mind, now. Either we get married or you're out. Then he says the phrase.

Thoughts on interpretation? Is he, in effect, saying, You're treating me like I have no value?ánica-de-amor-lyrics.html

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