Transcription request (25 minutes long song)

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Hey! Is there anybody mad enough to transcribe this?

The lyrics seem impossible to find. All the info I've been able to gather about the producer are his NND account, MyList and Twitter links. And that doesn't help much. No website & no CDs equals no official sources. I looked through tens of English and Japanese lyrics sites and fansites, but that was of little avail because the song is almost unknown.

I'm leaving the request here because LT doesn't support NND embeds (and there is no YouTube reprint to be found).

Thanks in advance! (Saying 'have fun' is probably out of place


Hello. Is the song in English or Japanese?

If it's in English I'd give it a try... but it appears that it's in Japanese.

Also, one has to log into the website (create an account).... so therefore I don't know the language (yet).

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Oh, sorry. I totally forgot to mention it's in Japanese. You can watch the embed without logging in on Vocaloid Database, if you're interested.

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See there is one thing I am going to get you clear with. If the originator of the program doesn't provide the lyrics for a generator, it is almost impossible to completely or correctly transcript synthesised voices.(From experience)

I haven't heard the song(yet) but it would be better if you name the generator/program. I think I am going to give it a try.



Oh, I'm sorry , I don't know Japanese. I wish I could help. I hope someone can help you at least partially. Regular smile

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Well, my friend your in luck. The Video on VocaDB Consists Timestamped Lyrics in the video(not the top marquee).
It would be advisable if someone with some good time in hand would do it(I'm sorry not me, I'm a busy person (^_^;) )

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This is up to 3:20.

白の 中に 沈みゆく
僕を 押し潰す




Shiro no naka ni shizumi yuku
Gozen ni toki no heya ni
Kotae wo motomete
Ishiki wa samayou
Yami wo yasashiku terasu
Gamen no mukou gawa (wa)
Mou nigeba wa nainda to
Boku wo oshitsubusu

Taenai basei no uzu ga
Nigeba wo fusagikomu
Owari no mienai rasen to
Karada mushibamu koe
Mou nani mo nokosu koto wa naku
Daremo boku wo ki ni dome zuni

Tada yureru
Kiseki mo yoake mo boku sura mo

Yami ni tsunagu kusari to
Boku wo shibariageru senritsu

My Japanese is pretty rusty and I have to look up a lot of kanji, needless to say it's a highly time-consuming process. If anyone feels like doing the rest, feel free to do so.

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