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Hi all.. this is bhoumic bhagat from gujarat, india.. i hv written a english lyrics but i want it translation into hindi.. as here hindi is more countable in india. So plz plz friends help me out with it.. thanking you all.. below i m posting my lyrics..

It’s been sometime
Since I’ve called something ‘Love’.
It’s been a while
Since I found us.

Suppose I called you up tonight to
Tell you that I can write
A song without you,
I know I’d be telling a lie.

Cause we are words
‘U’ and ‘I’
Songs would fall
Without us,
With all rhyme.
And in my world
It’s a crime
If you’re everything but mine.

It’s been sometime
Since I fell to be caught.
You feel like the sky
And I feel, again I want to fall.

Suppose I kiss
What I see
Would you be there next to me…
To say,
‘Excuse me Miss,
I know the guy
Standing before you
Dreams of this kiss everyday…’

We are words
‘U’ and ‘I’
I, yours, U, mine.
And if we close our eyes,
Our time will come.
In my world,
You’ll be a crime
If you’re anything but mine.

Someday, our time will come,
Someday, what’s mine will be us.

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Welcome to LT!

If you wrote these lyrics yourself, you can add them to our database. Please refer to the FAQ to know about that here > https://lyricstranslate.com/en/faq#faq88

Please only take your request to the forums if it takes too long to be completed.

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But want it to publish in hindi.. as hindi is more countable in India.. so can anyone help me out with this..

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You can add that song and then request a translation with Hindi being the selected language.

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