translation of a song from spanish to english

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My name is Juanita, I was am interested in finding someone to translate a worship song that I used to sing with my Mom. It's called "Yo te alabo mi señor te alabo" If anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much.

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Regular smile I do not need the translation for the song " I serve a risen savior but thank you anyway.

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You don't have to keep making new comments to add something, just edit your first comment. You didn't even provide a link to the lyrics you're talking about.

Anyway, you want someone to what, proofread your translation? Or comment with their own translation. Is this the song here:

Cuando estoy en luchas o en pruebas
y la tentacion me quiere apricionar
por que junto a ti voy caminando, por que siento
tu presencia en mi ser

te alabo, te alabo y mi alma
no se canza de alabarte,
te alabo, te alabo
mientras ida exista enmi ser .

te alabo señor yo te alabo
por que eres presioso
para mi, por que junto a ti
voy caminando, porque siento
tu presencia en mi ser.-

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