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I stumbled upon this poem, which is supposedly an Italian translation of a poem attributed to Nazim Hikmet:
Ti ho sognata
mi sei apparsa sopra i rami
passando vicino alla luna tra una nuvola e l'altra
andavi, e io ti seguivo
ti fermavi e io mi fermavo,
mi fermavo, e tu ti fermavi,
mi guardavi e io ti guardavo
ti guardavo e tu mi guardavi
poi tutto è finito. Ti ho sognata.

The version I quickly translated:
I dreamed of you
you appeared upon the branches
passing by the moon
between one cloud and another
you went, and I followed you
you stopped and I stopped,
I stopped, and you stopped,
you looked at me and I looked at you
I looked at you and you looked at me
then everything ended. I dreamed of you.

The thing is, I'm not really sure this poem was written by him, I couldn't find anything on the web in English or Turkish. Can you kindly confirm??

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The poem was written by him. That poem was translated by Joyce Lussu to Italian in the book 'Poesie d'amore', but she doesn't mention the original title of it.

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Thanks, do you happen to know where I can find the original poem?

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No not really. I did try to find it myself online, but to no avail.

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Oh, what a shame, thanks for your help though!

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Maybe he wrote in Italian as well?

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That thought totally crossed my mind... I looked it up and found this article that mentions the Italian translator but I don't know Turkish, can you tell me what it says?

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Doesn't say much other than she is the one translating his works from Turkish to Italian. But I found this, check page 9 in the file:

"But Nazım Hikmet’s popularity in Italy came with Joyce Lussu’s translations (Berk Albachten 2009). Lussu translated Hikmet’s Poesia ve
Teatro (1960), two volumes containing examples of Hikmet’s poems and plays, In quest’anno 1941 (Şu 1941 Yılında) and La Conga con Fidel (Havana Röportajı) (1961), Poesie d’amore (Aşk Şiirleri) (1963), and Paesaggi Umani (Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları) (1965). Nazım Hikmet’s poems were republished many times and he was especially known and respected for his love poems. Poesie d’amore has remained a bestseller for years on Valentine’s Day in Italy.

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User "Enisey" is a spammer.

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You could submit the Italian version on Hikmet's page and put up a translation request into Turkish, explaing in the comment section of the request that you are looking for the Turkish original.

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