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This song is in problematic content because the song and translation are identical.
I think what happened is that the song is originally in Korean and English, and the translator translated it into Turkish. But instead of having the English and Korean in the original song text and the Turkish in the translation text, she posted the original song text with the Turkish translation interlineated, then she posted the same thing as a translation of this. However, since I don't know Turkish or Korean, I can't really be sure of this just from listening to the video, so I'm turning it over to someone else.

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Yes, you are right, the song is in Korean, and the translation is exactly the same as you say, mixed Korean and Turkish and the same than the song she posted. It's better your write this on this forum:

This one is the forum to report lyrics and other mistakes Wink smile

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You could use our private room as well. You can ask [@RadixIce] and [@Jansay] for help, as I think they're the only Turkish speaking Mods around.

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Sent user some constructive comments to give her a chance to rectify the problems on her own. Need to remove the clutter to get to things that need addressed. Not everything is addressed yet. I did not want to overwhelm her. She is a new user.

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Umm, sorry, nowadays I've been quite busy, that's why I couldn't be of some help here... but next time you need help on something related to Turkish, you may come to me.

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