[SOLVED] Please help me with this Turkish transcription

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Hi everyone, I decided to update the lyrics of this song: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/LusiReyhan-Imam-nuzhda-ot-teb-lyrics.html
I can read Turkish and I what is there is not what she is singing at some places, so can someone please help review/correct it? I've found some other lyrics online, but they didn't seem correct either.

Many thanks in advance!

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Her lines :
gözlerini özlüyorum
neredesin sen gelin
gel sen benim yanıma
gel gel gel
ihtiyacım var sana
gel gel gel
gece gündüz arıyorum
yollarına gözlüyorum
seni seni bekliyorum (he sings : "yalnızım şimdi" not "yılnızım")
.... ...... sevgilim ( I did not understand that line)

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Thanks a lot, Yphigenia, I have updated it Regular smile

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