Two solo singers forming a duo. Two or three entries?

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I thought it would be better to ask before I mess something up. I've wanted to add the two original songs from Michaon's Meet Your Only World album (a great album, but that's not the point). The rest of the tracks are covers of various Vocaloid songs, which have been already added to this site, so that's not much of an issue. (The artists are Utaite, meaning that Vocaloid covers are their primary works.) I'd just link the songs to their profile. Michaon is a duo/band formed by two singers, Mi-chan and Shamuon. As a band, they have released several albums. Each of them is also an active singer on their own and UtaiteDB lists tens of collaboration albums with other singers and bands. Mi-chan is a member of five other units, Shamuon is in four. The border between two collaborating singers (i.e. one featuring the other) and a band is really unclear here. Would it be better to create only two entries, one for Mi-chan and another one for Shamuon, adding both their solo and collaboration songs and linking them via the "featuring" function, or should there be a separate entry for them as a band, too?

Thanks in advance, I hope this is not too confusing.

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Imvisible wrote:

As a band, they have released several albums.

I think that's the key difference to "George Michael and Aretha Franklin release one song together (and other duets with other artists and played in other bands and ...)".
In your case, it's obviously a band, even if there's no "real" band name and the record is published as "member 1 and member 2".

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I agree with magicmulder. In most instances a collaborative effort between two or more bands performing together takes on its own band name. A few examples would be Wardruna and L.E.A.F. Both are collaborative efforts from other bands or groups.

Duets are usually collaborative recordings of one or more songs by solo artists.

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