[SOLVED] What Is A Transcription?/I wanna be an editor,how??/About badges

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1)Hello!You already know me!!Well I have a HUGE problem.I do not know what is a transcription.Do you know??If the answer is positive please tell me below!!!

2)Hi!!I am two months here but I have done a lot.Well I wanna be an editor but I do not know how!!SOS!Do you know?If yes please tell it to me with a comment down!Thanks!!

3)Hi.Well I wanna know ALL the badges.If you know them please tell me down with a comment.Anyway do you know how to get the badge
Active Translator?If yes please tell down!!!

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1) A transcription is when you don't have a song's lyrics and you are going to write down exactly what you hear - what may or may not be correct.

2) Thanks for the help around, but it'll take some more months before you are eligible for a promotion to Editor. It's the Admins who approach users who they think may do a greater job around if promoted.

3) I don't know if there's a list of all the badges given around, as some new are suggested. The ones I recall are for top commenter (who leaves the most comments), top voter (who leaves the most votes) and Milestone translator (which is given to those users who provided translations 100.000, 250.000, 500.000, etc.). Of course the 'top' ones aren't given freely, the Admins check if the comments are valid or not. 'Active translator' is given to users who stay active in the website, as the name implies :p

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Your questions have been answered. As for the badges, here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/faq#faq43.

Essentially, you don't get them for being an "achievement hunter". Rather, the moderators give them out to people that they feel are doing a good enough job of it. It's the quality of your work and contributions you should focus here, and the rest will come.

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To add something, some of the badges are given automatically by the admins at the end/beginning (not sure) of each month, based on the statistics here (https://lyricstranslate.com/en/topnodes) - these are the top request solver, top transcriptioner, top contributer, top commenter, there may be something for the idioms too, not sure as I haven't checked recently. But it's not only about the numbers, it's about the quality too - for example, if someone adds many Google Translate entries, they will be spotted by the mods and potentially banned, if they don't stop.

Some badges are given for achievement, like the interface translator ones - these are given to the people who helped with any of the interface translations. Or the Active Translator one, which I believe admins give to the most active people around.

The best way to eventually become an editor is to suggest corrections to the already existing entries around - the admins and the mods monitor around for people who contribute a lot regarding fixing the already existing entries. And while there is not an official period of being a member to become an editor, these are usually people who has stayed here for some time and are familiar with the rules too.

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And welcome to the board! I also went ballistic on my first months I discovered this. What a great way to enjoy learning languages and art!

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