Where to put the translations then the original is already a part of something else?

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I’ve recently done some literal and poetic/singable translations (from Bulgarian) of songs that are based on parts of old Bulgarian poems. And now have no idea how to publish them, ‘cause if I post them along with the full version of the poems they’ll be incomplete and as they are poems they have no single author for the song version.

I’m currently speaking about one by Lyuben Karavelov with this or this or even this versions available and the last one is the closest to the text I’ve used. And one by Ivan Vazov named “Де е България?” (“Where Is Bulgaria?”) with no text currently available on this site.

What should I do in such cases? And what is the better way to handle this in future?

EDIT to elaborate (for those familiar with these poems):
The first one is based on the first 3 verses of the poem and the second one is based on the verses 1 through 4 and 8 of the poem.

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The Lyuben Karavelov one wasn't complete, so I edited it to include the whole poem.

As a native Bulgarian, I'd say that we have quite a lot folk-type songs that are based on poems by Bulgarian poets. Each artist however has its own interpretation, which is fine, as it is on the same principle as the cover songs. The poems are always longer and "fuller" than their "covers" - or at least I can't think of any example where a song covers a whole poem.

I'd say to include only the parts included in the specific songs, to be a translation of them; if you feel like translating the whole poem, you can just translate the original (and post it under the respective author, if it's not already on the site); I think it may be a good idea to link them to each other by the also performed by fields, and I did it for that one.

Hope that helps!

edit: the lyrics are copy of the poem and not real lyrics, will edit them.

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Here we go!
1) https://lyricstranslate.com/en/daniela-pirjankova-%D1%85%D1%83%D0%B1%D0%...
2) https://lyricstranslate.com/en/krisia-todorova-%D0%B4%D0%B5-%D0%B5-%D0%B...

So I understand that if an artist made a cover of another artist’s song it’s allowed to add the song to the covering artist page as a separate entry?

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You would be correct! Cover versions can be separate entries as long as the original artist is cited.

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OK, I was thinking that it should be avoided. In this case it gives me more freedom.

BTW, Gloria, I’ll think on translating the full poems but later as they are rather large. I currently have enough going on with my attempts on “Warm rain” (“Топъл дъжд”) and “Lihnida Was Rowing a Boat” (“Лихнида кајче веслаше”). Wink smile

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Yes, we do allow covers of the same song, it is better if they are linked to each other's artists but oh well, not everyone links them.

Some of the poems are huge, I know... but it's amazing that you're interested in them, I have never seen anyone showing interest (because we have to study some of them at school and there are some that are rather hard to be understood by teens). Keep up the good work Wink smile

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I have a very bad situation with a woman from Bulgaria, I love her to death and I want to dedicate a song something that will touch her soul in Bulgarian. best I ever had

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Gloria, my interest in rather selective. Wink smile My school literature teacher killed in me with her attitude any love I had for the Russian classics, both prosaic and poetic, thanks God she wasn’t also our Russian teacher. However I do remember there were works that in my opinion were too complex for us, then teens, to comprehend properly. Their appreciation comes only when you become more mature. And I still don’t understand the need to learn by heart poems having over 10 verses in them. Thus now I compensate this a little with some turned-into-song poems in Bulgarian. Oh, and in Macedonian, thanks to “Lihnida”. Regular smile However while rereading I’ve already noticed a rhythmic error in one of my latest English singable translations.

Juan, I’m not Bulgarian and one may be more helpful, but among the last songs I’ve translated in my opinion the most touching is “Сбогом, моя любов” (the link is to my English singable translation).

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The problem of parts of poems being used as lyrics with lots of people singing different versions based on different selections of stanzas (or even of individual lines) from the original poems and then new versions turning up because the various versions are passed on in the aural tradition, not in writing, hits many countries/languages - Bulgarian is not alone! Certainly it hits Irish, Welsh, Gàidhlig, and Manx - and I imagine it also hits Breton because like those 4 it is a Celtic language in a country where another language is dominant (French, in the case of Breton, and English in the cases of the other four). I've seen a bit of it in German, too, and in English but much less in those languages than in the Celtic ones.

I guess the problem is a big one for the Celtic languages because there were many poets and the poetry got published even if it had to be dictated to a writer because the author had not learnt to write, and poetry was a respected and loved form of entertainment and was usually sung rather than spoken. That means that almost all the stuff that was passed down in the oral tradition had been published in print.

A typical folk song in Gàidhlig is based on a selection of parts from a poem much longer than the attention span of today's audiences. I find myself listening to stuff that I read 50 or 60 years ago, but someone sings maybe 250 words (usually far fewer, sometimes a few more) out of the 2000 I remember - it's no better with shorter poems, and it's even worse with longer ones. I tend to try to find the longest sung version I can and put that on youtube, to use as source here. Only once have I put more of the poem than I could find sung, and that was when I could remember practically none of the words but could remember the last verse, which the singer left off (which rather spoiled the song) - so I put 95 words on this site when the singer only sang 62. I might have put more words in if I could remember more, or had the book I read it in, but omitting the final verse in this particular song seemed all wrong whereas omitting the others was sort of OK so I probably wouldn't have.

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