Fous ta cagoule (English translation)

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Put your damned hood on!

Yeah buddy! (yeah buddy!)
This is Fatal Bazooka singing (Fatal Bazooka)
When it's winter time, when it's cold (cold, cold)
This is the one thing to do, man! Listen up!
I speak for the mountain hardcore,
straight from Savoie1
- Are you OK?2
- No I'm not
This is the polar cap, man, our balls are freezing.
Dammit it's colder than in your fridge here.
Put a toe outside and you'll catch a flu right away,
nose dripping, germs squirming.
So listen up before it were3 too late,
before you were3 as stiff as a Picard4 frozen dish.
We're not here to pamper5 you,
but still a word of advice, man, put your damned hood on!
Put your damned hood on!
Put your damned hood on!
or else you'll be cold, depressed, frustrated.
Put your damned hood on, yeah!
Put your damned hood on!
The goosebumps, the dripping nose, Put your damned hood on!
Put your damned hood on!
Put your damned hood on!
From North to South, from East to West, even in Vesoul6
Put your damned hood on, yeah!
Put your damned hood on!
Except in Kabul, except in Kabul!
Yeah, you tell them too, Profanation Fonky7
straight from the Marseille suburbs.
In my city we fear noone8
Give the bums9 a beating on the music of our rat bro10
Still our hands are cold
Smuggling, legendary 90's style
Eat some hot duck!11
Here we play soccer, not handball!12
Frankly, I grit my teeth
like Yves Montand13
He sends the ?dick?14 of the Mistral15 reeling
Mars Planet is a representative of the hood, pennyless,
that will be 5.30 FF16, here are 2 FF for your change on 100.
- Wait a sec, do you realize we can't understand a word of what you say?
- Wassup? Watcha matter with you? Looking for trouble?
- Not at all, but we have a message to deliver, you know
I would like to say a slam17
for this disease which, in the winter, my anus irritates.
A virus that came from the cold, which is called gastroenteritis.
Next time, I'll put my hood on.
I'll put my hood on the (beep)
to avoid freezing my (beep) off
You son of a (beep)
what the hell should I do?
I said it like a dozen times, you lousy (beep)
Put your damned hood on!
Now what the (beep) are you doing,
you're (beep)ing into my hood!
The hood is scratchy like a smear test in the (beep) of your mother
It gives me erythema, my (beep) are bleeding.
Could have said "put your damned bonnet on"
but that's not as cool as this fucking motto
Put your damned hood on!
Yeah man, it's Bazooka B.A.Z... err..
Well anyway, salute to Security Door18
Painful Menstruations,
Pandi-Panda19 and Pitball20
Stabs In The Troat
and of course Snow Cannon, bang bang!
  • 1. a region in the French Alps on the Swiss and Italy borders
  • 2. a miserable pun on "Savoie" and "ça va?"
  • 3. a. b. the usual French would be "avant qu'il soit" and "avant que tu sois". As a social worker I never heard suburb kids talk that way, but still the the song does its best to depict rap singers as illiterate retards
  • 4. a most successfull brand of frozen food in France
  • 5. lit. "to play the pampering dads"
  • 6. A town in Franche-Comté, an eastern region of France reputed to enjoy the coldest weather in the country
  • 7. a parody of the Fonky Family, known for very long and obscure lyrics
  • 8. this verse uses a lot of Marseille slang
  • 9. "estrasse" literally means "mopping cloth" and can be used to describe a bum or a lowlife
  • 10. a parody of "le rat Luciano", a member of the Fonky Family
  • 11. a pun on "cagnard" (hot weather) and "canard" (duck)
  • 12. Marseille's chauvinism about their soccer team is only second to the infamous Paris Saint-Germain hooligans, while some cities in Savoie have successful handball teams
  • 13. a famous French actor of the 50-80's of Italian origin. Although he could speak a very neutral French, he used a rather unnatural southern accent in a few roles
  • 14. "pousse mousse" is a brand of liquid soap. Serge Gainsbourg made a song where he uses a pun on "pousser" (push) and "mousser" (foam) as a metaphor for masturbation
  • 15. a strong wind blowing in the Marseille region
  • 16. pre-euro French currency
  • 17. this verse is a weak parody of Grand Corps Malade, replacing poetic licence with yoda-style word order
  • 18. parodies of supposedly typical rap artist names, some might refer to actual bands I don't know
  • 19. Booba
  • 20. miserable pun on "pitbull" and "boule de flipper" (pinball ball). And of course "boule" can mean "blollock". I'm sure you're already rolling on the floor laughing. Like a pitbull chasing a pinball ball. Hahaha, let me catch my breath. OK. Now seriously, folks...
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The catch phrase is a reference to "Hardcore", a famous song by Ideal J

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Fous ta cagoule

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Fri, 17/05/2013 - 17:54

Very nice work! I love how extensive you got with the slang, and various explanations. Who would have thought a parodic rap song could be so informative - in the most interesting way.

Do you think maybe "Fous ta cagoule" could actually mean something along the lines of "to put on protection" as if a condom rather than an actual hood?

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