Boby Lapointe - Framboise (English translation)

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Her name was Françoise
but we called her Framboise1
The adjudant had got the idea
though he got precious few ideas, that adjudant.
She served us drinks
in a Maine-et-Loire2 hole.
But she was not Madelon3
she had a different name
and for a start, pinching her chin
was out of the question.
Besides, she was from Antibes4 !
What a snub!
Snub and raspberry
are the teats of fate5
No doubt she was from Antibes!
That's closer than the Carribeans
That's closer than Caracas
Is it closer than Pézenas6? I don't know.
And though she was a French girl
she was still opposed to sleeping around7
And despite her burning eyes
I felt rather uneasy
knowing she was not keen on sleeping around
while I have nothing against it !
What a snub!
Snub and raspberry
are the teats of fate!
She was not that comely8.
To get comelier,
she had her breasts enhanced
in the beauty institute, ha ha ha!
You can, in the Maine-et-Loire
buy yourself nice pear-shaped breasts.
There is an insitute in Angers9
that operates witout danger
from the youngest to the oldest,
you can change nearly everything10
except what you can't!
What a snub!
Snub and raspberry
are the teats of fate!
"More advantages
advantage more"
that's what I said to her as she came back
with her breasts from Angers (two times ten11 !)
So allow me to tickle
this heavenly12 breast.
But she escaped me,
went off in the meadow13
and I didn't run after her:
I did not want to catch
a heart disease14 !
Hence I conclude:
snub and teats
are the raspberries of fate!
  • 1. "raspberry"
  • 2. a département in central western France
  • 3. from a very famous WWI popular song about a comely waitress who allowed cheerful troopers to pinch various parts of her anatomy
  • 4. pun on "menton" (chin), also the name of a town on the eastern Mediterranean coast. Antibes is another town not far from Menton
  • 5. "être les mamelles de.." (be the teats of...) is used to describe the fundation of something.
    The expression was coined by a renaissance minister of Henri IV : "plowing and pasturing are the teats of France"
  • 6. the home town of Boby Lapointe
  • 7. An "Antibaise" is a (feminine) inhabitant of Antibes, but the word can be read as "anti-screwing around"
  • 8. "avantage" (advantage) is used to describe beautiful feminine features, breasts in this case
  • 9. prefecture of the Maine-et-Loire
  • 10. these lines are just here for the accumulation of rhymes in "er"
  • 11. "Angevin" means "from (the town of) Angers". The last syllable sounds like "vingt" (twenty), hence the "2 x 10"
  • 12. "angevine" still means "from Angers" but evokes angels
  • 13. "champ" : field. "pré" : meadow. "prendre du champ" means "to stand back", but can be read literally as "take some field"
  • 14. "angine de poitrine" means angina pectoris. "angevine de poitrine" means something like "a girl with a breast from Angers" (!)
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Guest    Wed, 20/03/2013 - 17:07

оООО! Сколько сносок..

Guest    Wed, 20/03/2013 - 17:08

Я думала, больше сносок чем здесь просто не может быть ни к какой песне...

Guest    Wed, 20/03/2013 - 17:37

Have a look at this, then :bigsmile:

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Guest    Thu, 21/03/2013 - 07:23

Je ne voulais pas attraper
Une Angevine de poitrine -- бесподобно!

А Angers- это город или округ во Франции?
edited: а, теперь прочитала в сноске выше..

Angina pectoris- всегда был сложным термином для студентов-медиков,что-то из разряда ложных друзей переводчика, потому что созвучен с ангиной(горла) Латинское ango-означает "сжимаю, душу"

А еще есть ангина Людвига- гораздо хуже, чем обычная.

Guest    Fri, 22/03/2013 - 07:35

А можно поподробней про "Antibaise"? Либо я недопонимаю англ. либо фр.
Мой словарь, говорит, что screwing-это навинчивание, завинчивание.
а baise
Перевод из «Нового французско-русского словаря» ABBYY Lingvo

1) половой акт
2) (бельг) поцелуй

Guest    Fri, 22/03/2013 - 15:57

"un baiser" as a noun is simply a kiss, with no vulgar meaning.
"baiser" as a verb basically means "to screw", pretty vulgar, maybe slightly less offensive than the English "fuck".
"la baise" is an argotic noun for "having sex" or "sleeping around", depending on the context.

As for the Belgian meaning, "une baise" is like the French "une bise" (a kiss on the cheek). It would not be understood as such in France.

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arigato ne Regular smile

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Мне любопытно, а о чем это тебя спросили?

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It says "pretty clever (translation), kuroi neko". Genuine compliment or plain spam, time will tell :).