Oskar Linnros - Från Och Med Du (English translation)

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Since and with you

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I'm at your door and there still
until a minute ago you were mine
a third of it I was going home
then some were crushed, some were yours
this here is the end of our film
Since and with now
Since and with you
Seeing you in blue in april
with telephone and new jeans
I have the same old rags and smoke the same old marlboro
and I remember every scene from our film
Since and with now
Since and with you
I never become the same thing, since and with you
(since and with is from and with you)
since and with you
(sometimes even small wounds don't heal)
it hasn't healed, it hasn't healed
the year disappears without light
even if the century goes in this way so will I always await our tour
since and with you
Since and with you, you, you, you
Since and with you, you, you, you
yes we do the same thing again, I do the same thing to us as before
some lights never go out
and at your door I have nothing left
not the person I once knew, except one thing
for your old name, is your name still
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OK, this translation needs a definite disclaimer, but it should do until someone who knows more than a minute amount of Swedish gets around to it... They seem like really cool lyrics from the little sense I've been able to make of them though.

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Från Och Med Du

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står inte ut, står inte ut means can't stand, can't stand