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Från och med du (English translation)

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From You On

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Standing in your doorway just standing still
A minute ago you were mine
A third of the one I was is walking home
'Cause one is shattered, another one yours
This is the end of our movie
From now on
From you on
I see you at the blue line in April
On the phone in new jeans
But I'm wearing the same rags, smoking the same Marlboros
I remember every scene from our movie
From now on
From you on
I'll never be the same, from you on
(From then on from you on)
From you on
(Some candles never burn out)
Can't stand it, can't stand it
A year is disappearing without light
Even if a century passes I'll always be waiting for our turn
From then on
From you on, you, you, you
From you on, you, you, you
Yes, we'll do it again, the same, we'll do it again, the same as before
Some candles never burn out
And in your doorway nothing
Has changed except for your door
'Cause next to your name there's another one
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Submitted by camdenxiangcamdenxiang on 2010-10-11
Author's comments:

The "blue line" is on the Stockholm subway.


Från och med du

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