Red Wine - Frijolitos pintos (English translation)


Frijolitos pintos

Frijolitos pintos
Claveles morados
Ay como sufren
Los enamorados
Mamacita linda
Ahí viene vicente
Sácale un banquito
Para que se siente
Le dio la viruela
Le dio el sarampión
Le quedó la cara
Como un chicharrón
Ahí viene mi suegra
Bajando la loma
Brinca la cerca
Y hecha la maroma
Una perra pinta
Pinta y orejona
Busca la cola
Y la tiene rabona
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English translation

Little beans I paint

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Little beans I paint
purple carnations
Ay how they suffer
the ones that are in love
Beautiful mummy
there vicente is coming
take for him a little seat
so he can seat down
he had smallpox
he had measles
his face was left
as a pork crackling
there my mother is law is coming
coming down the hill
jumps the fence
and lets down the rope
a spotty dog
spotty and big-eared
chases the tail
and has it long
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