Fuck it all [Frozen parody] (Spanish translation)


Fuck it all [Frozen parody]

The clock ticks by too fast this time,
Not a moment to be lost.
A sack of books around me,
And it looks like it's the day.
Finals are coming and we all must try our best,
But i've given up i'll just swing that test.
No fun today, no fun at all,
No more talking on the telephone.
Read this, write that and learn it all...
Can't learn it all!
Fuck it all, fuck it all!
Can't study this anymore.
Fuck it all, fuck it all!
All my classes are a bore.
I don't care if i fail this test,
Let my mom rage on...
My grades never bothered me anyway.
Fuck it all, fuck it all!
Don't give a shit anymore.
Fuck it all, fuck it all!
Flit the table screw you all.
I don't take this bullshit anymore.
I don't give a fuck!
My grades never brothered me anyway.
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Al carajo

El reloj hace tik tok muy rápido esta vez,
No es momento de perderse.
Un montón de libros a mi alrededor
Y parece que es el día.
Los finales se acercan y todos debemos hacer lo mejor,
Pero me rendi solo me saltare ese exámen.
No diversion hoy, para nada
No chatear en el teléfono.
Lee esto, escribe esto y memoriza todo.
No puedo memorizar todo!
Al carajo, al carajo
No puedo estudiar esto jamás.
Al carajo, al carajo
Mis clases son un aburrimiento total.
No me importa si quemó este examen,
Deja que mi mamá se enojé
My grados nunca me molestaron de todos modos.
Al carajo, al carajo!
Ya no me importa un carajo
Al Carajo, al carajo!
Vuelca la mesa, jodanse.
Ya no tomaré esta tontería jamás!
No me importa un carajo!
Mis grados nunca me importaron de todos modos
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Author's comments:

Had a lot of fun translating this but changed some words here:

Fail means "Fallar" in Spanish but I went with "Quemare" because that's the way I say it in my dialect.

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