Carlos Gardel - Fumando Espero (English translation)

English translation

Smoking I Wait

To smoke is a brilliant, sensual pleasure...
Smoking I wait for the man I love,
behind the glass of happy large windows.
And while I smoke my life I don't consume
because floating the smoke I usually fall to sleep.
Laying in my sofa, smoking and making love,
seeing my loved one happy and enamored,
feeling his lips to kiss with wise kisses.
And feeling the affair with more desire,
when I feel his eyes thirsty with passion.
For when my darling is in
my smoking is an eden.
Give me the smoke from your mouth
Give me that in me,
provokes passion
Run that I want
to go crazy with pleasure,
feeling that heat
of the intoxicating smoke
that ends up lighting up
the ardent flame of the love.
The hour of restlessness with him is not cruel
his spirals are celestial dreams,
and they form clouds that towards the glory raise
and surrounded in it, his spark is a star,
that shines clear and beautiful with limpid splendour.
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Translation by Alberto Paz.


Fumando Espero

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Kamran    Thu, 24/11/2011 - 07:06

A very nice version is by Ignacio Corsini.