Cassandra Steen - Funken Liebe (English translation)

English translation

A spark of love

Between us is a high wall made of bulletproof glass
You see everything clearly, nothing reaches you
Your heart is occupied
With whoever knows what
Your thoughts are not with me
We don't talk, we share no looks
Not much is missing
Until it will be all quiet around us
If there is still a spark of love in you
Then let it glow
If there is still a spark of love in you
Let me see it
Give me a sign, just a signal
That something is still moving
Maybe you hold me back
And it's not too late
Outside in front of the window time passes
I wait until it gets dark
It makes no difference at all
I am not there if you don't see me
The worst is, it doesn't even barely hurt anymore
I already stand at the door
What should I do here
Is it time now already
Have we missed getting in touch with each other
Or is there a spark left, which you kept
And maybe it's not yet too late?
Submitted by Steena on Thu, 28/01/2010 - 22:55

Funken Liebe

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